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Matthew Smith (Mr. Matt)


Jenny Lou Sutton  (Miss Jenny)

Assistant Teacher

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Teaching Coordinator

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Weekly STEM Challenges
Our STEM in Motion team will post a new STEM challenge for you to complete, ranging in topic from engineering to coding challenges. You can do them alone, with a friend, with family, or in a classroom. You may submit a video of your work, and each week we will post the best of the videos we receive each week on our channel.


The EPA’s Recycle City is full of games and activities that show how people reduce waste, use less energy, and save money by doing simple things in their community.

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Create a Hologram projector!


Enter a location such as address, zip, city, county, waterbody, park name, etc. (e.g., 22207, Arlington, VA or Difficult Run).
Learn More About MyEnvironment

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Field Trips

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Virtual Field Trip

Join us as we experience a brand-new kind of camp – it’s not just swimming, sun, and s’mores – but STEM! Tune in to transport students to the STEM Center of Excellence where STEM will come to life in new and unexpected ways. English  and Spanish 

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ecoAction Virtual Field Trip
Boeing and Discovery Education are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the ecoAction Virtual Field Trip. Students will investigate the themes of air, land, water, and waste as they explore how they can do their part to improve the environment as well as how a large company like Boeing is doing its part, too. You can watch the whole field trip at once or in chapters.

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Smart Cities Virtual Field Trip
The road to conservation begins with people who live in smart cities. Join us as we delve into what exactly makes a city “smart” and how innovative urban technologies are solving today’s challenges related to the conservation of water and energy. We’ll be on site at Itron’s Innovation Center to see smart city technology in action and learn how Itron’s leading innovators—engineers, data scientists and application developers—are building sustainable communities of the future.


Caring for Cows &
Nourishing Communities

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